The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers



Are you a Kids Yoga Teacher unsure of how to get your message out there?

Do you feel like marketing is a scary word and something you are clueless about?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! Most Kids Yoga Teachers get their certification to learn how to teach Yoga to children, but they aren’t educated on how to market themselves. The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers has you covered! This eBook shows you all you need to know in order successfully talk about what you do, get others listening so they purchase your services and have you growing your business.

The Marketing Guidebook for Kids Yoga Teachers is a 39-page PDF booklet filled with practical marketing tools specific for Kids Yoga Teachers. Whether you are a new Kids Yoga Teacher offering classes or have been in the field for over a decade with a wide variety of offerings, this eBook is for you! It is thoughtfully designed so that everyone will learn something new.

From traditional to online marketing, each section is accompanied by a “Take Action” box, where you get to immediately implement the content learned and take action in your Kids Yoga biz.

Here is what you will gain:

  • Understand what marketing is and what it isn’t
  • Learn how to be remarkable so that you will effortlessly sell your services and gain referrals
  • Become successful at networking in your community
  • Know how to talk about yourself and what you do
  • Get clarity on your niche
  • Learn smart marketing strategies
  • Know the best marketing strategies for brochures, flyers, postcards and business cards
  • Understand online marketing including email newsletters, website must-haves, social networking and blogging


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