Yoga & Mindfulness Activity Cards for the Classroom



The Next Generation Yoga Cards for School-Based Educators were created with love and passion for the health and well-being of students and educators, in the school environment. They are easy to implement throughout the day, in any room or space. These cards will help students and educators to have fun and feel good, in their body and mind, while also cultivating a positive school culture.

The deck includes 60 cards with 6 different categories of Yoga & Mindfulness activities including: Calm, Focus, Learn, Move, Play and Team.

Click here to see a sample card.

While some card activities take as few as 1-2 minutes, others are suitable for longer experiences. Educators are encouraged to combine cards to customize a lesson that meets their needs. All card activities can be adjusted to accommodate the students, the schedule and the school space. The developers encourage you to make them work for you!

The Yoga Cards for School-Based Educators is suggested for use with K-6 graders.

This deck is the primary tool for the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for School-Based Educators. Contact us to schedule a Professional Development workshop, to participate in a Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training or purchase the card deck at wholesale pricing.

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Amy Nucera – SBE Cards

quotation markThe NGY Cards for School-Based Educators are a MUST have for everyone who shares Yoga with children in a classroom (or any other) setting. They make it so easy to weave Yoga throughout the day, no matter how much time or space you have.

~ Amy Nuceraquote_1

Pam Davis – SBE Cards

quotation markI love using the Next Generation Yoga Cards for School-Based Educators and brainstorming different scenarios for how they can be used within a school program.

~ Pam Davisquote_1

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