Radical Self-Care

Here’s a quick one for you today as I am writing you this just before I pack up my things and head out on a road trip to one my favorite places on earth: Sierra Hot Springs
The funny thing is that I almost didn’t go.
Why? Because, just last week, I announced the sale of Next Generation Yoga, my 21 year old Kids Yoga company – if you missed the news, you can read about it here – and, it’s been a very busy week. Between emails and phone calls with prospective buyers, let’s just say things have not been slow.
So why would I now choose to head out on a lil camping trip and soak in hot springs when I have plenty to do do do? Because radical self-care is my highest value! And without taking good care of myself, I can’t possibly be my best in biz. And … besides, the resort has wifi & cell reception – so have laptop, will travel!
The truth is, it’s so easy to be busy and put other things in front of taking care of ourselves. I mean how many times do you miss a Yoga class because you are too busy? Or what about sleeping in instead of waking up early to meditate? Or grabbing fast food versus taking the time make a healthy meal to go?
We all do it, and you are not alone. But it has to stop somewhere, especially if we want to be our best selves in biz.
And, since life is all about choices, let’s choose self-care. Really and truly, I want this for you, dear one. Because when you do, I know you can be your best self, ever!
In support of you having radical self-care,











PS – If you can’t tell, I am extremely passionate about supporting Kids Yoga entrepreneurs in taking good care of themselves because I know this is where our access towards running our best biz lies! Want support for radical self-care in your biz? Email me to schedule a call to learn more about Private Mentorship with me.
PPS – The Biz of Kids Yoga Mastermind is starting up in September and there are a few spots left with your name on it. TBoKY Mastermind is THE PLACE to be to implement a radical self-care practice so you can rock your biz with support and community by your side. Interested to know more? Let’s chat. Send me an email & we’ll schedule a call time!


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