Ready to Grow Your Kids Yoga Biz?

One of the things that I am extremely thankful for is the opportunity to work from anywhere. Currently, I am on an “adventure tour” where I am a digital nomad, living home-free, visiting different cities and working remotely. How cool is that!?

In just 2 months (even with the ankle injury) I have been to Ashland, Portland, Seattle & all over the Bay Area – sometimes working from a café, a friend’s home, poolside & even bed.

Working Poolside :)

Working poolside 🙂

The truth is that when I look back on my career as a Kids Yoga entrepreneur, I couldn’t have always done my life or business like this. In the first 5 years of my biz, I was the owner/manager/teacher/administrator/receptionist/book-keeper and everything else for the Next Generation Yoga studios in NYC and for many years after that I was tied to a home with classes to teach. It’s really only been in the past few years where my life and business have gone from location dependent to freedom and independence.

It feels really freaking good to have grown my biz like this!

Do you have a dream of growing your Kids Yoga biz to the place where it doesn’t matter where you live? You can travel, teach and still make a healthy income regardless of your mailing addy?

Or maybe you are perfectly content, and still want to grow your Kids Yoga biz to a place where you can take vacations whenever you want or simply just not work but still have your biz work for you, even when you sleep. 😉

Good news is that you can! If I can do it, I know you can too!

And, don’t worry – it doesn’t happen overnight, or even in a year. Building a successful business to a place where income is sustainable & abundant takes time, focus & dedication.

I am inspired to offer you my greatest suggestion for growing your Kids Yoga biz whether you desire location independence, to work from home or simply want to make more money doing what you love and that is to: treat your business like a business!

If you are serious about growing your offerings, making money, and having an impact on the world, it is essential that you start treating your small business as a business. Yes, that’s right – even if you are only teaching a few classes right now but eventually want to offer more, you have a business. Don’t wait till you are making the kind of money you desire to start treating your biz like a biz.

Do. It. Now.

Schedule time to work on your business, track your finances, vision your future, putting systems in place are just a few of the things that are essential to treating your business like a business. And, I am not joking when I say these things are essential to success in biz.

The alternative is to treat your business like a hobby. Meaning, work on it when you have the time, spend more than you make, wing its success and hope that it all works out.

Now, I know you wouldn’t be reading this blog if that was you – so why not take the bold step right now?!? Leave a comment below and tell us, what is one thing that you will do today to treat your biz like a biz so that you can have the growth that you truly desire!

I can hardly wait to hear what you got!

In support of you,


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