Wednesday Walk ~ Shining in Kenya

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’, I am SO excited to share with you my arrival at the Shine Center, Africa Yoga Project’s studio. I am in Nairobi on a service trip with Team Next Generation Yoga where I am leading the NGY Teacher Training for 80 students. This adventure is bringing up so many emotions for me, from nerves to excitement and everything in between. Thankfully, the kindred spirits who I am meeting are showing me that unconditional love and acceptance is found in the warm embrace of new friends. Check out my ‘Wednesday Walk’ to meet all the shining spirits at the Shine Center!

I would love to hear from you! How have you been made to feel welcome in a new place? How have you connected with people you have met when you were far away from home? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you.

All love,


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  1. Lucy Rosenblatt 8 years ago

    dear Jodi, How exciting. Looking froward to hearing and seeing how it unfolds. Beautiful first meeting

  2. Kara Kramer 8 years ago

    I can feel the glow! Keep shining through, in-out and beyond.

  3. Gina Menza 8 years ago

    Jodi, this is so exciting. The video brought tears to my eyes. it’s so great to see the welcome yoga has all over the world.
    Have fun, I’m with you in spirit.
    xo Gina Menza

  4. Cheryl 8 years ago

    Love, Love, Love……this gives me so much happiness inside and out!

  5. Carolyn Clarke 8 years ago

    My heart is so full after watching this! Brought tears to my eyes seeing all the joy! Enjoy shining in Africa, Jodi!

  6. Jill McManigal 8 years ago

    Your light SHINES brightly across the vast sea!! It permeates my whole being. Thank you for bringing the Jodi-Love to the whole world. What a blessing!! What a joy!! I love love love YOU!!!!

  7. Betsy 8 years ago

    Shine On JoJo!
    Your excitement is contagious!!!!!

  8. Kate 8 years ago

    So beautiful 🙂

  9. Funs 8 years ago

    Jodi, You are amazing! Kudos for all you offer to bring people everywhere together.

    ~ Funs

  10. Shirlene 8 years ago

    Your beaming heart and spirit touches mine across the planet! NAMASTE my sweet loving Jodi!

  11. Casey Feicht 8 years ago

    Wow.. I can feel the love pouring out of you and all those beautiful souls… and felt my heart stirring and tears almost coming to the surface at the end! Much love! Namaste and Play!

  12. Tami Donrad 8 years ago

    I can feel the excitement Jodi!!! so awesome, Namaste <3

  13. Alisa Wissell 8 years ago

    Thank you for including us in the excitment! I was getting so teary enjoying seeing the pure joy on your face and the excitement of others. Lots of love pouring out!! Shine on!

  14. Gamze 8 years ago

    Dear Jodi,
    Thank you very much for sharing your joy and excitment. It thouched me so deeply… Yes, “we are one”…
    I wish all the best for you, NGY team and all friends in Africa!

    With Love and Light…

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