August’s TBoKY ROCKSTAR: Breeanne Macouzet

Each month we feature a ROCKSTAR for The Biz of Kids Yoga (TBoKY).
A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is a Kids Yoga & Mindfulness leader who makes a unique impact
in their community.

Hey Breeanne, tell us about your Mindfulness biz!
We are an educational organization driven to bring Mindfulness into families, schools, and communities worldwide. We are a source for online Mindfulness programs with highly effective stress coping techniques, life-changing strategies, and transformational coaching.

A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is committed to their Kids Yoga Biz with leadership and contribution to community … What makes you a TBoKY ROCKSTAR?
What makes me a TBoKY ROCKSTAR is that I am passionate about empowering our youth so that they know they can make a positive contribution to our world. I want every child to know that they matter and can make a difference. I teach them mindful life skills of compassion, connection, confidence, and resilience.

What are you currently most excited about in your biz right now?
I’m excited about changing the education system! I love being an educational consultant and sharing Mindfulness with the teachers so that they can influence our children in the best possible ways.

What is a personal habit or resource that contributes to your success and that you would highly recommend to other Kids Yoga Teachers?
Mastering your mind-set. Knowing when to reset your mind-state. Recognizing the self-sabotaging beliefs and choosing to only focus on the beliefs that support your greatest self. Even when failure comes along, reframing it as this is supporting my evolution and creatively strategizing the next steps with faith.

How has The Biz of Kids Yoga influenced your business?
The Biz of Kids Yoga™ and Private Mentorship with 
Jodi’s experience and dedication have given me hope to keep going. When it feels like nothing is falling into place or my hard work isn’t paying off in the ways I want, I trust that there is magic behind the scenes unfolding perfectly.

How can people find and connect with you?
Through the Mindfully Evolve website and on Facebook.


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