September’s TBoKY ROCKSTAR: Heather DiNino

Each month we feature a ROCKSTAR for The Biz of Kids Yoga (TBoKY).
A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is a Kids Yoga & Mindfulness leader who makes a unique impact
in their community.

Hey Heather, tell us about your Kids Yoga biz!
Breath and Play Every Day is a cozy Family Yoga Studio inclusive of all needs and abilities – we offer Yoga for everyone from babies to seniors, and everything in between!

A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is committed to their Kids Yoga Biz with leadership and contribution to community … What makes you a TBoKY ROCKSTAR?
There’s no other Family Yoga Studio around. We specialize in Yoga for the ENTIRE family – we don’t just offer it once in a while, we focus our attention on the needs of families of all ages and stages. Also, ALL of our classes are inclusive of all needs, without separate classes for “special needs”. Our dedication to families and all abilities are what makes us really stand out.

What are you currently most excited about in your biz right now?
I’m most excited to be working on getting Yoga into public schools in the city. Not everyone can attend studio classes, and sometimes those who need Yoga the most don’t know they need it, or they aren’t able to access it. Bringing Yoga into the schools would provide this valuable skillset to all kids!

What is a personal habit or resource that contributes to your success and that you would highly recommend to other Kids Yoga Teachers?
Michael Port has been a huge influence and reading his book, “Book Yourself Solid” has helped me to focus my market, follow my intuition, and market myself appropriately with authenticity and integrity.

How has The Biz of Kids Yoga influenced your business?
There are so many ways! But the BIGGEST influence has been the ongoing, supportive
TBoKY community. It is absolutely invaluable to have a group of people who support you and help you to GROW rather than compete. Business in general can be difficult, but I’ve found that Kids Yoga is a particularly difficult business to navigate because there are so many emotional ties to what we do. A tendency is to undervalue ourselves monetarily because we care about what we do (which is NOT good business!). I think it’s super important to have a group of people to remind you of your value, help you see your worth, and remind you that taking care of yourself (money, self-care, time, etc) is vital to your existence so we can keep doing the important work we do!

How can people find and connect with you?
Through the Breathe and Play Every Day website.


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