April’s TBoKY ROCKSTARS: Lani Rosen-Gallagher & Jen Byer

Each month we feature a ROCKSTAR for The Biz of Kids Yoga (TBoKY).
A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is a Kids Yoga leader who makes a unique impact
in their community.

Say Hello to this April’s TBoKY ROCKSTARS:
Lani Rosen-Gallagher of Full of Joy Yoga &
Jen Byer of YoPlay Yoga for Kids®
and together: Mindful Yoga Breaks™

Hey Lani and Jen, tell us about your Kids Yoga biz!
Lani: I founded Full of Joy Yoga in 2004 in San Francisco, and began teaching in schools, after-school programs, shelters, events and all over the Bay Area. I developed a Kids Yoga training shortly thereafter. I moved to Connecticut in 2007 and have been facilitating teacher trainings, teaching Kids Yoga classes and began creating the Mindful Yoga Breaks curriculum & card deck which works with teachers in the schools.

Jen: My inner playfulness & love of Yoga is how I founded YoPlay Yoga for Kids® in 2010. It’s where YOga & PLAY come together. I have over 20 years of Yoga practice & teaching experience. I’ve taught thousands of children in preschools, public schools, yoga studios, libraries from Florida, where YoPlay® was founded, to around the world from Bhutan to Canada, and many places in between.

Mindful Yoga Breaks was created with the intention of teaching teachers to use “breaks” in their day as a way to calm, focus and allow students to be able to self-regulate. We’ve combined our love for teaching and creating and collaborated to bring this new program to schools, parents, students world-wide.

A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is committed to their Kids Yoga Biz with leadership and contribution to community … What makes you a TBoKY ROCKSTAR?
Lani: Partnering with many organizations with my donation family Yoga classes – right now all my donations go to IRIS – Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services of CT. I also co-chaired Yoga Reaches Out CT which raised money for 108 Monkeys & Sandy Hook Promise. I also co-founded Mindfulness Month: Yoga for Kids & Families which brought FREE daily videos to homes & schools all over the world in April & October of 2017.

Jen: My first classes started as free community classes on the beaches of Florida. I also worked with the local soup kitchen in Fort Myers to offer classes to the families who made us of the facility which then lead to working with an addiction program in developing a Yoga program. When our family decided to travel again I was able to bring YoPlay to many underserved children in developing countries from Bhutan to Thailand and soon Singapore and Rwanda.

Mindful Yoga Breaks is partnering with Amal Alliance to bring our card decks/anchor breath program to refugees all over the world.

What are you currently most excited about in your biz right now?
Working together to bring Mindful Yoga Breaks to schools and teachers all over the world. We have great tools & products and have so many more ideas to share. We can’t wait.

What is a personal habit or resource that contributes to your success and that you would highly recommend to other Kids Yoga Teachers?
Lani: Bringing my vision to fruition. I’m a doer AND i’ve gotten much better at asking others to contribute–I now have a team–web guy/graphic designer, artist, editor, bookkeeper (new) & PARTNER (Jen) and of course our coach, Jodi.

Jen: Pomodoros are my key to getting things done. Definitely asking for help and working with others, collaboratively. My team consists of a great friend, colleague and the DOER I know – Lani, Coach – Jodi, web guy/graphic designer, illustrator, editor, accountant.

How has The Biz of Kids Yoga influenced your business?
Lani: The Biz of Kids Yoga is where I was able to realize that I’m a KIDS YOGA BIZ OWNER, and then from there it all fell into place. I decided to stop spinning my wheels and invest in the biz. I hired others to teach and to do what I can’t or don’t want to do. It helped me to streamline my marketing, get clear on my vision and what I want to accomplish. It’s held me accountable, introduced me to other AMAZING kids Yoga biz owners and a community that I cherish.

Jen: The Biz of Kids Yoga is where I first saw myself as a true entrepreneur and is where I met others like me working in the same field which made me feel less alone and more connected. Now with the connections made through the TBoKY Community I feel like I struggle less and have people I can reach out to when I need support. It’s also where I met Lani who I am collaborating with on Mindful Yoga Breaks.

How can people find and connect with you?
You can reach us via email at:


Check out past TBoKY ROCKSTARS hereAlso search for them on social with hashtag #tbokyrockstars


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