January’s TBoKY ROCKSTAR: Lara Hocheiser


Say Hello to this Month’s TBoKY ROCKSTAR:
Lara Hocheiser of Flow & Grow Kids Yoga

Each month we feature a TBoKY ROCKSTAR, a Kids Yoga Biz leader who makes
a special contribution to the community.

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Tell us about your Kids Yoga Biz!

I founded Flow and Grow Kids Yoga in 2012. We offer kids yoga certification, in-school yoga & mindfulness programing in Massachusetts & New York, professional development workshops for educators, parents, & clinicians, online printable yoga sequences, ebooks & hard copy kids yoga workbooks. We offer trainings in eight cities on the East Coast & soon, Spain, Australia, & the West Coast of the US!

A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is committed to their Kids Yoga Biz with leadership and contribution to community … What makes you a TBoKY ROCKSTAR?

My specialty is noticing what needs are not being met & creating lesson plans that teach to those specific needs. Right now the biggest trend I see with children & teens is poor sleep habits & how they are negatively impacted by over-scheduling & technology use. My upcoming book My Yoga Workbook: Healthy Bedtime Habits is my response to this issue. When we do more of what feels good, there’s less time for the the things that make us feel not so good. The book provides a relaxing yoga sequence, mindfulness, art, reading activities, & journaling. It’s a fun way to guide children to put their devices away to wind down.

What are you currently most excited about in your biz right now?

I am excited to have schools we have served for a long time & new schools signing up. Each year we grow a little bit, which means mentoring new instructors, forging new relationships, and reaching more children. I am thrilled that when we enter into schools, the students receive their own copies of our yoga sequences. Whether students need something to help feeling empowered, relaxed, or energized, we have something specific and tangible for them. It feels really good to know students can bridge the gap between school & home with their own yoga decks covering the issues they face every day. #lifelonghealthyhabits

What is a personal habit or resource that contributes to your success and that you would highly recommend to other Kids Yoga Teachers?

No matter how big the scope, I resolve to do a little bit at a time & break things down into reasonable goals. I use software to track my and my team’s progress. I automate pestering myself to move projects along, and when I lose steam, I visualize what getting it done will mean to people–myself included. When all else fails, I take a break & hug my baby girl!

How has The Biz of Kids Yoga influenced your business?

I already had a lot of product, but before TBoKY I didn’t have many practical ways to sell it. I spent a lot of time and money in development and hadn’t really thought about how to recoup that to keep fueling the business, or get the materials into teacher, parent, & student hands. Jodi had some practical ideas that have helped me make some money back. There are other projects I had on the back burner that TBoKY helped me with & I am excited to premiere them later this year!

How can people find and connect with you?

Email is the best way. Schools & potential teacher training host studios may go through the website.


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