November’s TBoKY ROCKSTAR: Ofrit Gal Barash

Each month we feature a ROCKSTAR for The Biz of Kids Yoga (TBoKY).
A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is a Kids Yoga & Mindfulness leader who makes a unique impact
in their community.

Hey Ofrit, tell us about your Kids Yoga biz!
At Yoga@Play, children are encouraged to experience Yoga and Mindfulness in a fun, playful way that creates a non-competitive and safe space. Children learn to love Yoga, whatever it means to them at that point in their development and are provided with tools they can use and revisit throughout their lives. In a world where parents and children are so busy, families who come to our classes and events get a chance to experience a new way of bonding, communicating and connecting with their children.

We offer Yoga and Mindfulness in many different ways, including in-school classes and events, after school and library programs, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, summer camps, public and private classes, Yoga parties and corporate family Yoga events.

A TBoKY ROCKSTAR is committed to their Kids Yoga Biz with leadership and contribution to community … What makes you a TBoKY ROCKSTAR?
I do not think of myself as a leader in the usual sense of the bold take charge type. I believe my contribution and leadership can be found in the graceful examples and gentle guidance I aim to give. I positively share my love & joy for Yoga with the children and families I teach, accepting everyone for who they are and where they are at that point in their life because it is from this point that we can all “stretch” ourselves, and feel more confident to become that better version of ourselves.

What are you currently most excited about in your biz right now?
I am now working on creating systems and procedures for my business which has grown tremendously in the past 1-2 years. I can’t say I’m excited about this, but I know I will be when they are in place, setting a healthy foundation for future growth. I am excited to expand on the festive side of Kids and Family Yoga, bringing the seeds of Yoga to parties and Family Yoga corporate events. A project I put on hold in the past few months and will revisit soon is leading Teacher Trainings.

What is a personal habit or resource that contributes to your success and that you would highly recommend to other Kids Yoga Teachers?
Allowing myself to be playful and connecting to my inner child is why I LOVE teaching Yoga to kids and families. Communicating with kids in a fun and trusting way and meeting the children where they are makes teaching soooo much easier and fun. Having a class plan is great but being flexible and meeting the kids where they are is what makes Kids Yoga classes a great success!

How has The Biz of Kids Yoga influenced your business?
The Biz of Kids Yoga™ has transformed my business in so many ways. Learning from Jodi to separate working IN my business and ON my business was my first big “Aha!” moment. I later joined the TBoKY Mastermind which is an amazing group that is so supportive, loving and generous. Working with Jodi privately as a mentor is where the big leaps happened. Creating goals and reaching them (or getting very close to reaching them) amazed me over and over again! Working with Jodi gave me the tools to trust myself and also trust that if I make mistakes (and of course I do), that is ok. I learn from them and move on.

How can people find and connect with you?
You can visit the Yoga@Play website and the Yoga@Play Facebook page, and can also connect with me via email or by phone at 484-679 6663.


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