‘Tis Always the Season to be Giving!

I trust this finds you well today. I am writing you from my friend’s home in Oakland. I am still on my “adventure tour” where I am living home-free & working remotely. It’s been a wonderful journey these past eight months where I have had the joy of connecting with new and old friends. So many of them have opened their homes and hearts to me … at times, it’s moved me to tears and I am so profoundly grateful. On the daily, I aim to give back all that I have received. (More on that below!)

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time & that was going out dancing with a group of women. Truly the music, dance and sistership moved us all closer to oneness. Such a gift!

Here we are at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco – post dance party with Rising Appalachia. Go see them if and when they come to your area, they rock!

As I reflect on all the goodness and generosity that has shown up in my life these past several months, I feel inspired to blog on the topic of giving. Yes, I know the holidays are before us and so many see this as THE time to be big-hearted, but I want to invite you to consider how you can build in philanthropy, giving or seva (the Sanskrit word for self-less service) as a regular part of your Kids Yoga biz.

But before we get into practical ways to give and how that will support you and your business, let’s pause to recognize and connect to the beauty of giving. Arianna Huffington, in her book, Thrive, names it so sweetly. She says, “We mostly focus on the good giving does for others – the good it does for our community. But just as profound is what it does for us. Because it is really true that while we grow physically by what we get, we grow spiritually by what we give.”

So if giving lifts and lights us up, just as much as it serves others, why not make giving a regular business practice – all. year. long!? Imagine how attractive you’ll be to customers when you make donations on the quarter, offer scholarships on the regular, share content consistently and give your time selflessly. Consider this is to be your marketing. This is the way to magnetize others to your biz.

Yes, the holidays are a wonderful time to gift gifts, make donations and contributions, but again, what if you built generosity into your Kids Yoga business, regularly. I say “’tis always the season to be giving!”

Here are a few giving suggestion for you to implement all year long. Note: not only will these have you feeling good inside, and attracting new students to you on the outside, but you may also be able to write off these as tax deductions. For more accurate information about write-offs, do contact your financial advisor, aka accountant or book-keeper.

Sponsor a child. For the past 8-years I have been contributing $35 a month to Children’s Heritage Foundation where I help to pay for a child’s school tuition, uniform and breakfast. The money is auto-debited from my account and twice a year I receive a loving hand-written letter from my sponsored child, in Uganda, where she thanks me profusely and updates me on her life. I cannot tell you how heart-warming this experience has been!

Offer scholarships. Whether you are teaching Kids Yoga classes or leading teacher trainings, consider offering full or partial scholarships to students in need. Based on your financials, only you will know how often and how many scholarships you can give a year. Get clear on this number so that you can help students who really want to participate in your programs!

Volunteer your services. You may be in biz for years now, and while when you first started out teaching it made more sense, but it’s never too late to volunteer teach. Many schools, centers and families need your services and can’t afford to pay. Choose a number of classes you can afford to volunteer teach such as one a week or four a year. Regardless of how many, you will be well received and greatly appreciated.

Share your content. So many fear that if they give away a lesson plan or a class idea for free that people will take their ideas and they will not be rewarded. While yes, others may use your goods, but it may also lead to something else such as them wanting more of what you have. Perhaps they will want to come take your classes, trainings or purchase your curriculum. Think big and generously here. Give content in the form of newsletters, blogs and social media posts, regularly and you can’t go wrong. Besides it’s a great way for people to get to know you and your Kids Yoga biz with ease and low investment.

I hope these simple suggestions and this post inspire you to see the gift in giving regularly and beyond the holiday season. You have so much to share with the world – your smile, your love, your special ways with children and families.

There are so many more ways you can give – please leave a comment letting us know how you see that it ‘tis always the season to be giving!

In support of you,


PS – I would love to hear from you. Send me an email and let me know how you give all year long beyond just the holiday season. I cant wait to learn from you!

  1. Christi Iacono 4 years ago

    Love you Jodi. Thank you for the reminders to live with a big heart all year long! Happy Holidays to you my friend!??❤️❤️??

    • Jodi Komitor 4 years ago

      LOVE you christy!! xo

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