Genie Morrow

Genie Morrow

Location: New York, NY
Licensed NGY Teacher for: 2-7 year olds

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Why do you teach Next Generation Yoga?
I worked with Next Generation Yoga in New York City and love the NGY philosophy of incorporating creativity, education, spirituality and fun for the children as we learn and grow together! The NGY style engages children to have fun while they learn about Yoga. My goal as a Kids Yoga Teacher is for every child to develop strength, courage, compassion, inner peace, happiness and a solid sense of self – bringing out each child’s highest potential as they advance and grow in the world.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?
As I move through my daily life, I access the essence of the Yoga philosophy in dealing with the community, children, animals, and everyone I encounter. Compassion, respect, understanding, dialogue, and kindness are where I always strive to start.

What do you do when are not teaching NGY classes?
I spend time practicing music, writing songs, playing with my band, practicing Yoga, gardening, hiking, skiing, laughing with friends, playing with animals, spiritual practices, and serving the community.

What is your special gift in connecting with children?
I am playful and compassionate. My strength is to be able to see each child’s unique gifts and strengths and bring out their confidence and highest potential as they learn Yoga poses and breathing techniques. Music, education, respect for the earth and each other, and lots of laughter are important aspects of my classes.

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