Marissa Goulbourne

Marissa Goulbourne

Location: Westchester County, NY
Licensed NGY Teacher for: 2-12 year olds

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Why do you teach Next Generation Yoga?
I teach Next Generation Yoga because it allows me to help children define their individual definitions of success. I also love the NGY methodology of honoring traditional yoga poses and infusing them into fun-filled lessons geared exclusively towards children.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?
Mindfulness and gratitude. I also have a steady meditation practice which helps me remain present. Since I cannot pour from an empty cup, I am very intentional with self-care.

What do you do when are not teaching NGY classes?
In addition to teaching NGY classes, I teach prenatal and postnatal yoga. I’ve spent the past 15 years working in urban education, and I have a passion for helping students reach their full potential. In my free time, you can find me cooking, reading, spending time with my blended family, or planning my next travel adventure.

What is your special gift in connecting with children?
Empowering them to feel comfortable in their own skin and to embrace their individuality. Children are magical and should be respected as such! I have a special gift of making children feel comfortable, probably because I’m a big kid at heart. A mantra I live by is, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

Where can we find you?
My favorite movie of all time is The Little Mermaid. I still get choked up when King Triton says how much he’s going to miss Ariel at the end of the movie.

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