Maya Gorton

Maya Gorton

Why do you teach Next Generation Yoga?
Teaching mindfulness and self-worth to kids feels like a great way to have a positive impact on the world. I want to help kids to grow up comfortable in their bodies, to have a sense of community, and to have tools for navigating our challenging world.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?
I try to bring mindfulness and compassion into everything I do. I remind myself and my own kids all the time: remember to breathe. I believe that moving your body is both an expression and creator of joy.

What do you do when are not teaching NGY classes?
I design websites, devices, and installations, and teach Interaction Design to adults. Besides Yoga, I love Tai Chi, music, singing, and dancing.

What is your special gift in connecting with children?
Since I have two kids of my own, they are my primary students. Yoga is a great way to spend quality time with them doing something we all enjoy: moving our bodies together, being playful, and manifesting joy.

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