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Melissa Hawkins

Melissa Hawkins

Anacortes, WA

Certified NGY Teacher for: 2-13 yr. olds

Why do you teach Next Generation Yoga?
Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving. Yoga addresses all domains of childhood development while promoting mindfulness, self regulation, and body awareness. Weaving mind, body, and community with interactive storytelling is the most effective teaching practice I can do.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?
On and off the mat I strive to stay connected and fully engaged with every moment. Noticing and finding beauty in the seemingly mundane, and ordinary moments is like the cherry on top of my ice cream 🙂

What do you do when are not teaching NGY classes?
When I'm not teaching you can find me dancing in my kitchen; I just love culinary adventures! I also spend a lot of time reading, hiking, traveling, and lounging in hammocks.

What is your special gift in connecting with children?
have been teaching young children for over 16 years. I have learned that if I watch and listen closely I can adjust my teaching to meet children precisely (and playfully!) where they are at.
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