Yaz Artmstrong

Yaz Artmstrong

Why do you teach Next Generation Yoga?
I know that Yoga is very important for children’s development both physically and mentally – especially children these days! They are busy! They’re involved in sports, after-school activities, and family life and it can be stressful on kids. I have two young daughters who are both very active in different activities, with my older daughter being especially busy. Doing Yoga for her, and as a family, provides the opportunity to ground, center and decompress from their fast-paced lifestyles. For those children involved in sports, Yoga is a great way to not only stretch, but build strength, protect their muscles and bones, and increase stamina.

How do you practice Yoga off the mat?
I practice compassion and kindness toward others and promote this to others by reminding them to be kind and compassionate to themselves, especially my female/mom friends. Speak kindly to yourself, treat yourself love and respect and give yourself peace so that you may do this for others.

What do you do when you’re not teaching NGY classes?
I am an Environmental, Health and Safety Senior Program Manager for a major Telecom Company, specializing in Emergency Response & Preparedness, and work with all lines of business to promote Environmentalism, Health and Safety practices. I love that I get to help thousands of people be safe each and every day!

What is your special gift in connecting with children?
I love the way that children have no filter. They are who they are and have no preconceived notions of the world or life. They are free and express themselves freely with passion. I love the reminder that they give me, that it is okay to play, have fun and let go. Because of my pure appreciation of their freedom, I think that I am able to show them that I am listening, I am here and I acknowledge them.

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