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  • Do you want to be in a thriving community with other NGY Teachers?
  • Are you seeking curriculumguidance & support to grow your Kids Yoga classes?

If YES, then get the support you need by joining the NGY Teacher Community!

Now that you have graduated from the NGY Teacher Training, you have the opportunity to become a licensed Next Generation Yoga Teacher and grow your career in the most fulfilling, effective and profitable ways!

Becoming a member of the NGY Teacher Community allows you to brand yourself as part of our established and successful 22-year old international Kids Yoga company. We’ll grow together and spread the kid-tested, parent-approved and teacher-recognized NGY offerings.

What You Get

  • NGY Start-up Kit – Download everything you need to get off to a strong start and thrive as an NGY Teacher! Goodies in this kit include, but are not limited to, flyer templates, registration form with waiver/release of photographs and liability, copy-written descriptions of NGY classes, photographs of Kids and Family Yoga, template for business cards, suggestions for pricing and more!  

  • Use of the NGY Logo – We’ll happily give and guide you on how and where to use the NGY logo for print, web, social media, blogging, stickers, tattoos, pens, t-shirts and all other NGY swag.

  • Annual Membership to the NGY Lesson Plan Club –
    Receive the NGY Lesson Plan of the month for the age group/s you are certified to teach. The NGY Lesson Plan Club is full of fresh and creative curriculum to help you lead easy-to-follow, rock-star classes, while you build a supply of theme-based Yoga classes.

  • NGY Teacher Community Newsletter –
    A newsletter is released every month with juicy tidbits. These short but info packed newsletters are a great way to continue your learning, get your questions answered and connect with all the latest NGY happenings!

  • Opportunity to Assist in NGY Teacher Trainings –
    Enjoy the chance to assist and refresh in an NGY Teacher Training for the age group you are certified. You’ll have the great opportunity to connect with new Kids Yoga Teachers on the path, practice teach and get personalized feedback from the NGY Trainer.

  • Listing on the NGY Website –
    The NGY website is highly trafficked, SEO’d and updated regularly. New customers from around the world including parents and school educators will be able to easily find and connect with you when they visit the Find an NGY Teacher page.

  • 30% off NGY Lesson Plans, props and gear!
    Enjoy a 30% discount on products and items to help you grow your business and class offerings.

  • Blog with Us –
     Sign up to become a guest blogger on the NGY Teacher blog titled Why Kids Love Yoga. We’ll promote you to our international email list and feature you on NGY social media platforms.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group –
    All members of the NGY Teacher Community will have access to post and share in an active Facebook group. Get your burning questions answered and unconditional support from those who care!

  • Mentorship – 
    You will have the chance to receive mentorship from a senior NGY Teacher for further support, connection and growing opportunities.

  • Support from NGY’s Director of Teachers –
    The NGY DoT is available to support your NGY Teacher Community membership, help you navigate your perks, and connect you to the resources you need to succeed in your biz! Upon joining the NGY TC, you’ll get a personalized call welcoming you to the family and answering your questions!

We would love for you to join the NGY Teacher Community!

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