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Lately I have been asked an important question about how to be successful when offering a new class, workshop or training. Left and right it feels like Kids Yoga Teachers have been wondering, “What is the best way to get the word out?”

This may seem obvious, but many fail to do it. Consider that you recently graduated from your Kids Yoga Teacher Training. You are excited about sharing your newfound passion for teaching Yoga to children. But you are scared to let people know. Perhaps you are shy. Or maybe you just don’t think anyone cares.

I beg to differ! If you were to scroll through your cell phone contacts, wouldn’t you agree that a high percentage of people in there care about you? Don’t you think that they would like to know what lights you up and is new and exciting in your life? Guess what?! Yes, they would! More than we think, people do care and want to know about our fabulous lives.

So, why not tell everyone you know about what you are up to?! Or at least start with the people whom you feel safe with. Make a few phone calls, schedule in-person meetings, send some emails. If you are feeling nervous, don’t be afraid to lead with, “I am feeling scared about my new business venture and would love your support in listening to what I am up to.”

Social media is powerful platform for sharing your business developments with your “friends” and “followers.” You do not need to create new accounts for every platform out there, but do use the one(s) that you are familiar with. You’ll connect with people most authentically when you feel comfortable with the platform. So, whether it’s blogging about your Yoga journey or sharing photos of your classes on Instagram, start posting on a consistent basis.

If you are interested in teaching Kids Yoga at a certain studio, make yourself known in the community. Taking classes at the studio will build connections as you get to meet the staff, owner, teachers and other students. Who knows what parent, owner or new Yoga friend will invite you to teach a Kids Yoga class?

Telling everyone you know about what you are up to does not mean that they are going to sign up for your classes. They may not even have kids. But they likely will keep you in mind and perhaps tell someone else about you and your Kids Yoga biz. Stay open and positive. You never know who will help to bring you your next customer!

So dear one, now I ask you … who are 10 people whom you would feel confident sharing your business adventures with? How and when will you tell your exciting news with them? Leave a comment on the blog with your questions and let us know how it goes!

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