The BIG Difference Between Yoga Teacher & Yoga Biz Owner

I am still hunkering down in Oakland & healing a torn ankle tendon which has been giving me lots of time for self-reflection, connecting with good friends and taking really good care of myself. Have you ever had a time in your life where you were simply asked to pause, slow down & just be? I’d love to hear from you if you have!

Jodi Boat 1

Resting my ankle on a boat on Lake Merritt, Oakland 🙂

Today’s blog is about the BIG difference between Yoga Teacher & Yoga biz owner. Now while you may resist the idea that being a Yoga Teacher means being a business owner, I want to offer you the simple notion that if you are collecting money for your services (aka your classes) then you do in fact have a business. Let’s call it a small biz.

As a Kids Yoga Teacher, if you can own the simple statement of “I am a Yoga business owner” then you are already ahead of the game and on your way to Yoga biz success. I say this because I know so many teachers who resist the fact that they are in business for themselves and they struggle filling their classes, making money and growing their offerings. Why? Because they treat their business like a hobby, not a business. They work on their marketing and promotions when they have the time versus being proactive and putting time on their calendars. They don’t charge their worth and hope that they make enough money to cover their expenses. They grasp for how to make their classes successful and don’t invest in themselves to learn business education.

Can you relate?

So what is the BIG difference between a Yoga Teacher & Yoga biz owner and why is this important?

It may seem obvious to you, which is good news, that being a Yoga Teacher is just that … you go to schools, studios, private homes, community centers to teach classes.

But what happens when you leave?

How do you get paid?

Who follows up to schedule another class?

And when do you know that it’s time to book a new series?

Good questions, right?

Well, these are the questions that the Yoga biz owner needs to tend to. Yep, that’s you – the same person who also plays the Yoga Teacher completely switches roles and must think strategically, logically & visionary-like so to make sure that you can continue to do more of what you love – teaching Kids Yoga!

So while the fun may happen while you are teaching, it won’t carry on unless you commit to stepping into the role of being a Yoga biz owner. I’d like to suggest six things for you to commit to as a Yoga biz owner and they are:

  1. Market yourself
  2. Face your finances
  3. Be organized
  4. Schedule time to work on your biz
  5. Invest in your biz / professional development
  6. Surround yourself with other Yoga biz owners

I invite you to spend a few minutes thinking about the BIG difference between a Yoga Teacher & Yoga biz owner. Leave a comment and share what stands out the most to you!

In support of you,


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