The Biz of Kids YogaTM 101

  • Are you ready to jump start your Kids Yoga business?
  • Do you feel confused and overwhelmed?
  • Want to make money doing what you love?
  • Need support and guidance from someone who has been there?

Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga, has you covered with The Biz of Kids Yoga (TBoKY) 101 ! In this on-demand training, you will learn practical strategies for turning your Kids Yoga passion into a Kids Yoga business, so you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

Whether you are a recent Teacher Training graduate, an ambitious newbie in the Kids Yoga industry, or an experienced Yoga entrepreneur, The Biz of Kids Yoga 101 will boost your productivity, increase your revenue and enhance your confidence – all of which is necessary for growing and succeeding in biz and in life!

This Course will Help You to:

  • Become an empowered Yoga entrepreneur
  • Increase your confidence for being a professional small business owner
  • Recognize the strengths and assets that you bring to your business
  • Learn to work smarter not harder
  • Know how to implement a self-care practice so that your mindset can handle all the ups and downs of running a Yoga biz

The Biz of Kids Yoga 101 format is a hybrid of videos, slides and PDF worksheets all of which will support your learning and inspire you to take action, immediately. Best part is that you can watch and learn from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere, any time! (Many have reported enjoying the course repeatedly, as the content is so rich and just that good!)

Course Content Includes:

  • Suggestions for shifting from having a Yoga hobby to owning a Yoga business
  • Discovery of what it means to be a Yoga Entrepreneur
  • Opportunities to own your strengths and the skill set that you bring to your business
  • Understanding of how to delegate and hire others to help you even with a low or no budget at all
  • Practical strategies for being a professional Yoga business owner
  • Exploration of limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you having the successful business that you desire
  • Tips for a positive mindset and radical self-care practice so you can rock being a Yoga entrepreneur

You’ll Get:

  • 40+ minutes of video and slide teachings
  • Four PDF worksheets with “take action” guidelines
  • Access to a private Facebook group dedicated to The Biz of Kids Yoga community

Ready to break free of confusion, overwhelm and uncertainty?

Join Jodi to learn basic business strategies to grow your Yoga biz! Whether you are fresh out of Teacher Training, not yet certified or have been in the industry for many years – you will gain massive value from this course, whether you want to teach part-time or full-time. Happy graduates of The Biz of Kids Yoga 101 include Kids Yoga devotees such as: teachers, authors, studio owners, teacher trainers, product developers, app creators and more.



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Kimberly Fujitaki

quotation mark The Biz of Kids Yoga 101 gave me the power to step into my role as a Kids Yoga entrepreneur and business owner. Jodi shares so many actionable tools, in this simple to follow and wonderful online training. Following her suggestions, I have propelled my business to the next level.

~ Kimberly Fujitaki, Little Heroes Yoga quote_1

Sarah Henderson

quotation mark The Biz of Kids Yoga 101 was a great investment for me as a Kids Yoga Teacher. Jodi’s course offered a process for to me identify my business strengths and skills, and gave helpful suggestions of how to find support and collaboration for areas that are not my forte. It encouraged me to consider the thoughts, attitudes and circumstances that are holding me back in my biz, and to imagine growth possibilities. Participating in TBoKY 101 has given me skills to get more organized, helped me understand the different aspects of my business, and has grown my confidence as a Kids Yoga Entrepreneur.

~ Sarah Henderson, Child of God Yoga quote_1

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