This Yogi Wants Presence Not Gifts

So excited to share with you this first video blog by NGY Founder Jodi Komitor. Inspired by a fulfilling birthday weekend and what a 9 year old had to say in response to Jodi hardly receiving any birthday presents, this video will share with you how to listen to what kids have to say and then create a yoga lesson plan around it. AND…you’ll learn that your life is full of gifts & presents, beyond the ones that are wrapped in fancy paper, ribbons and bows.

Jodi would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this blog video, please leave a message and if you are inspired to share it, we’d love that too!

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  1. Karen Hazzard 10 years ago

    Hi Jodi
    I have the privilege of teaching children age 3 to teenages here in Dublin,Ireland.
    I really enjoyed your video and do a similar sharing time in our classes also.
    We also like to finish with a wishing game, were we pass a crystal ball from person to person in sequence and wish a happy wish or thing for someone else in the group or a family memebr or friend.This really helps the children to see and appreciate the feelings of others and it is remarkable how young they can start to really get this.Wishing you well in your journey
    Karen H.

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