Train-the-Trainer Course Details

The NGY Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course is currently available for the NGY Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds. It is a refresher of the 3-day NGY Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds plus a 4-day intensive Training facilitated by a master NGY Trainer. During your refresher NGY Teacher Training, you will both participate and assist, wearing the lens of a future NGY Trainer. In the 4-day Training, you will learn how to confidently lead the NGY Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds, successfully set up your own Trainings and effectively market and expand your Kids Yoga business.

What You Get

  • Student referrals to your NGY Trainings
  • Leads for studios interested in NGY Teacher Trainings
  • Increased personal brand exposure and marketing support
  • NGY Trainer manual
  • NGY copy-written materials and logo for marketing the Teacher Training
  • Your name and bio featured as a Trainer on the NGY website
  • Flyer templates to use for NGY TT promotion
  • Contracts to use with host studios
  • Monthly support calls
  • Personal coaching & mentorship

NGY Trainer Responsibilities

  • Secure studio space and communicate logistics with the host
  • Promote your NGY Teacher Trainings to your community (networking in-person, social media, website, email)
  • Communicate with potential trainees
  • Lead the 3-day NGY Teacher Training in entirety
  • All other tasks required in order to lead successful NGY Teacher Trainings

After the Train-the-Trainer Course

  • As an NGY Trainer you will be responsible for an annual licensing fee. The first years licensing fee is built into the tuition of the NGY TTT course. Email us for the current licensing fee.
  • Your membership in the NGY Teacher Community and Lesson Plan Club is included in your Trainer license fee.
  • Over the course of two years, you are required to take the NGY Teacher Training (as a student) so you can stay current on the Training. The cost of this Training is included in your annual license fee, however, you are responsible for travel expenses.


Tuition for NGY Teacher Trainings range between $595-$895. NGY pays Trainers 20% of the total net revenue for leading the NGY TT, plus an additional 15% for any student that Trainers refer directly to the program, for a total of 35%. NGY is responsible for training expenses including: materials, travel and the host % split.


$1595.00 + $185 for registration & supplies fee. Payment plans are available, just ask! Includes Trainer manual, supplies and attendance to refresh and assist in the NGY Teacher Training for 2-7 yr. olds.

Expand Your Career and Become a Teacher Trainer!

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NGY Trainers are free to teach other Kids Yoga Trainings 12 months after their licensing fee expires

NGY Teacher Trainings range from $595-$895. The cost of tuition is to be determined by the Trainer and the Host based on demographics and competitive pricing for the community. NGY will educate and support the Trainer as to how to best choose the pricing, set early bird registration dates, etc.

The terms that are included on the contract are highly recommended. The Trainer has the freedom to negotiate the split terms with the studio Host. NGY will support and help as needed.

Yes. NGY Trainers will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

Typically with a split agreement, the studio Host does not receive a deposit. Only when NGY is renting the studio space is a deposit required. If this is the case, then NGY would cover the cost of the deposit.

Cancellations are determined on a case-by-case basis. It is encouraged that the Trainer does not cancel any Trainings due to insufficient registration and that all set Trainings run so to honor all registrations with students. If the NGY Trainer is sick or has an emergency, it is the Trainer’s responsibility to reschedule with the studio host within 2-weeks. If a pre-registered student cannot attend the new dates, the student will receive a refund. In this case, the NGY Trainer will then bear all expenses of this refund, including the $85 registration fee.

YES! All terms will stay the same and travel monies will come off the gross income.

NGY will feed Trainers studios that are interested in hosting an NGY Teacher Training. Trainers are encouraged to seek out Host studios. NGY will educate and support Trainers in how to choose best Host studios that are a good fit for the NGY Teacher Training.

The NGY Teacher Training is 25 hours and is best led on Friday-Sunday, 9:00am-5:30pm.

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