Tuesday Tip ~ 3 Cures for Burn Out

Happy Tuesday Friends!

For today’s ‘Tuesday Tip’ for The Biz of Kids Yoga, I talk about something we all experience from time to time … burn out! Whether it’s a result of putting in too many hours or a combination of life/work stresses, if you have ever experienced feeling burnt out, you are not alone! Business is like a roller coaster ~ full of highs and lows, ups and downs. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and depleted can be part of the process, but with the right tools, you can navigate through it and come out on the other side. Check out today’s ‘Tuesday Tip’ as I offer 3 specific tools that will support you during a time of burn out and are a solid foundation to getting back on your feet!

I would love to hear from you! What do you do when you feel burnt out? What tools have supported you? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

  1. Lisa H. 7 years ago

    Just what I needed to hear this morning! Thank you, Jodi <3

    • jodibk 7 years ago


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