Two Lil Words that will Improve Your Biz Big

I’ve got two very important words for you today. Two, little, and yet very powerful words.

These two words, if used right, could improve your business. Actually, it could improve your life, but since I am here to share about The Biz of Kids Yoga, we’ll stick with your business.

Are you ready for the two words?

Here they are: by when.

These are the two words that could have you do your business better. They could have you accomplish your goals quicker, your clients register faster, emails replied to speedier, payments made sooner, and your business over all running more efficiently, now!

I mean who wouldn’t want that!?

You see, we live in a world of over-stimulation, easy distraction, procrastination, busyness and sometimes exhaustion. It can be easy to put off important things like responding to emails, meeting deadlines, paying bills, returning phone calls and other tasks that really and truly matter – especially in biz!

The words “by when” can help keep you and the people you do business with accountable and therefore moving things forward.  

Here’s what it looks like …

A school owes you payment for classes that you taught a month ago. After 30 days of no check, you send them another invoice with a sweet lil note that says, please remit payment by September 20th or a late fee of 5% will be charged. (I am making up the late fee part, but you get my drift. You can hold them accountable to a date you set or else there will be a penalty.) Ideally they hear the “by when” date and they get into action!

Another scenario could be when you work with someone like a graphic designer and you are waiting on a new flyer to be made for your business. You can and should ask them, “By when will it be ready?” Now, ideally they give you a specific time and date, like “by Thursday at noon” not “at the end of the week” as that answer is vague and has little accountability.

Here’s one more example for how to use these two lil words that are sure to get you the results you want …

Imagine that you have a goal to make $500 more a month in your Kids Yoga biz. It can be easy to put this goal off to the next month and then the following month, and then the following. But if you declare a month “by when” you will start earning this additional five-hundy, then you have to take action and be accountable to yourself and your goal. So, try switching it up to something that includes a “by when” date which will be way more powerful. Take a listen to the difference between, “I want to make $500 more a month” versus “By November 30th, I will be making $500 more a month.”

It’s all about the “by when” and accountability. With this, you and your biz will succeed.

Ok, hopefully you get the idea. These two lil words are big and important. Especially if you want to make sh*t happen in your biz.

So go out there & try it.

By when?


In support of you,

PS – By when will you start taking action and have the dream biz that you truly want for yourself? We all need an accountability coach and mentor to guide us along the way. I am ready for you now. If you are as well, email me & let’s chat about how I can help you.



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