Valentine’s Day Love Language Meditation, by NGY Trainer Rachel Glowacki

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated in many parts of the world to give and express love. How do you show people you love them? How do you like to receive love? Did you know that there are different love languages? 

We usually show others love the way we feel loved. For instance, if you give lots of hugs and affection, most likely you feel loved when you get hugs and affection. If you like to write letters and tell people with your words, then most likely you feel loved when people say kind things to you. Some people give gifts to show their love, and they usually like to receive gifts to feel loved. Some people like to do things for others and spend time with them, and feel loved when people do things and spend time with them.

For example, it took me a long time to notice that my mom shows me she loves me by sending me nice cards and presents. I am not much of a gift giver. I feel loved when I get to spend special time with my loved ones, more than I do receiving gifts. I started to send my mom cards and thoughtful gifts so that she would feel loved in her language. And…guess what? Our relationship is filled with more and more love. 

Let’s discover and pay attention to our own love language….

Sit up nice and tall, relax your shoulders, place both hands over your heart — the space where we store warm and loving feelings — and gently close your eyes or allow your gaze to lower.

Inhale with hands to heart: Fill your whole body with love for yourself.

Exhale with hands near your mouth like you are blowing a kiss: Send all your love out to those that are special to you. It can be one person or many.

Smile with each inhale as you fill yourself up with love, and smile with each exhale as you send love to your special people.

Notice how you feel when you smile and breathe in and out.

Ask yourself, “what is my love language?” or ask yourself, “how do I show love to others?” These answers will most likely be the same.

Now, imagine someone you love dearly and hold close to your heart. See them….how does this person show you they love you? Is it the same love language as yours or different? If it is different than your love language, take some extra time to think about how you can show this person you love them, in their language. Do they like presents? Do they like hugs? Do they like doing things for you? Do they like spending time with you? Do they use their words to encourage you? 

Whatever popped into your mind about how to show that special person love, do that for them. You will notice how good it feels in your heart.

At NGY we use American Sign Language in our lesson plans — today let’s do the sign for LOVE.

ASL Sign for Love: Make a fist (in ASL it is known as a “Kiss-Fist) with your hands and cross your hands over in the middle of your chest, like you are giving yourself a warm hug.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Rachel Glowacki
NGY Trainer & Curriculum Writer
Vail, CO

Rachel has been teaching kids yoga since 2009 and is known as a thought leader in the kids yoga field. She hopes that one day mindful movement will be taught regularly in schools like math and science! Rachel is a yoga teacher and writer, has presented at the National Kids Yoga Conference two times, has authored the first kid yoga app for the iPad, and has developed multiple kids yoga curriculums and trained hundreds of kids yoga teachers. She is grateful to now bring her experience and passion to NGY as a trainer and curriculum writer. Learn more about Rachel here.


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