I am sure you know the importance of today. It’s midterm elections in the United States and voting has never been so important. We’ve experienced so much pain, hate and injustice in our world and while I promise not to make this a heavy political email to you, I will riff on of the concept of voting and take a super short opportunity to encourage you to GET OUT & VOTE!

Now, let’s look at voting in your Kids Yoga biz.

Kids Yoga Teachers, no matter how many classes on your docket and at what level you are at in your biz, are encouraged to use an email marketing platform, like Constant ContactMailChimp, or Namaste Light, where you can connect and communicate with your audience, regularly. Ideally, you are messaging your people weekly or at least monthly with juicy news and valuable content to help them stay in the know and in touch with you. You are, after all, an important member in their life. You are their Yoga Teacher!

While I do recommend that you send emails about class updates and upcoming workshops and events, we don’t just want to sell to our audience. Really, << Test First Name >>, nobody wants to be constantly sold to all the time.

We also want to offer things like blog posts on the benefits of Kids Yoga, healthy recipes, sweet sentimental stories or a new pose to try at home. This helps our community and followers stay connected to us outside of class and feel valued as a customer.

Now here’s where the voting comes in.

By using one of the above-mentioned platforms, which by the way are free depending on the number of your email list, allows for your people to vote with their clicks. Meaning your subscribers can, and will, click on pertinent links in which they are interested. They may also open certain emails over others depending on the subject. And, they may or may not even unsubscribe to your email newsletter.

All of these clicks are votes.

That’s right, your people are voting with their clicks. And you, dear << Test First Name >>, are encouraged to pay attention and review your stats as this will give you feedback on how you are doing with your marketing campaign. From here, you can make adjustments, add more of what people are liking and less of what they are not.

It’s simple. Just like voting.

Now go vote!

PS – Do you need help getting your email marketing campaign up and running? This is one of my favorite things that I do with my Private Mentorship clients. Shoot me an email and let me know your needs. I will happily respond.

PPS – Remember, every vote counts. Including yours! Have you voted yet today!?



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