Want Student Retention? Do This!

I hope this finds you & your loved ones well today.

Yesterday I got the sweetest email from a parent that said, “This morning Calder said, ‘I can’t wait to see Teacher Jodi. Remember when she had her shoulder owie and we didn’t see her for a whole year!’ Details may be a little off, but the sentiment is there. I’m excited too. See you soon Teacher Jojo!! Xoxo.”

This lil love letter inspired me to share with you a juicy tidbit about how to get raving fans (like Calder and his Mom) with solid student retention – every Kids Yoga Teacher’s dream, right?

Before I fill you in,  I want you to get that in our industry, while the children are our students, the adults (parents, administrators, studio owners) are our customers. And, while many Kids Yoga entrepreneurs focus their attention on getting new students and more classes, it is actually best to focus on existing customers so to get repeat business. In this case, let’s agree to put our attention on and nurture our existing clientele because, hey, they already know, like and trust us, right!?

One of the best ways that I have found to deepen current client relationships is through on-going communications. One simple and powerful example, that I love and highly recommend, is to send a friendly email to the parents after each class sharing a description of the curriculum and how the kids took to the teachings. Perhaps even include a few pics snapped with your smartphone.

This is a winning strategy for getting raving fans and having student retention.

Why? Because when your (adult) customers read about and learn more about what you are doing with their kids, they will feel connected and be interested. Further, they will have what to talk about with their children at home. This can create a sweet conversation over dinner and help the family connect and bond. What parent wouldn’t want this!?

So, dear one,  if you want raving fans and student retention, how about giving it a try!?

I know writing emails is just one more to do on your list, but I promise you, it will make all of the difference in your biz. Not only will your adult customers know more about what their children are doing with you in Yoga, but they’ll love it and want to continue signing their kids up for your classes.


PS – Want more great strategies for growing your business? I’d love to share them with you. Email me now and I’ll tell ya!



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