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I am currently writing you from Portland where I am hanging out with my brother, sister-n-law & my adorable niece & nephew. I am feeling so blessed to have the freedom to work here while on my “adventure tour!” (If you haven’t heard the news – I recently put all my stuff in storage and am traveling while working remotely, connecting with loved ones, meeting new friends, collecting experiences and living adventurously! Not bad for a Yoga entrepreneur!?!)

Jodi by Car

With more time on the road, I have been inspired to think about what is the one practice that makes me a successful Yoga biz owner. While everyone measures success differently, I am pretty proud to say that this month, Next Generation Yoga, my Kids Yoga biz, is entering its 19th year in business. I truly believe that I could not have succeeded in biz for this many years unless I had a daily practice of self-care.

I am sure you will agree that while running a Kids Yoga biz is super fun, creative and, for sure, a dream job – it certainly has its challenges. Owning a Yoga company (no matter how big or small) requires a ton of patience, commitment and energy. It’s not always easy and the truth is, if we don’t take really good care of ourselves, then we never can have the success in biz that we truly desire. Simply said, we need a strong mind and a healthy body to roll with the ups and downs of being a Yoga entrepreneur.

I know it to be true that if I didn’t start my day with a daily practice of self-care, my mind and attitude would not be ready to handle the day-to-day biz. How do I know? Because I have done it. Yep, I have skipped out on my morning practice and it’s made a difference on my productivity, my choices and my interactions with people (Kids Yoga classes included!)

Now, I know life can be busy for you with kids, classes, relationships and hobbies … and, I also know that we all have the same number of hours in the day. From what I have read, studied and learned – the busiest (and most successful) people in the world implement a daily practice of self-care because it is what keeps them grounded, focused and balanced. Kinda like Yoga 😉

And, while I prefer to do my self-care practice first thing in the morning, I know some may not have the time or luxury to do so. Personally, I have found that a morning practice helps to set the tone for the rest of the day. I recommend if you can give yourself even just 15 minutes every morning (translate – wake up earlier!) you wont be sorry.

To fill you in, my morning self-care practice consists of meditation, prayer, hot water, morning pages & some form of movement. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect at any of these and I don’t expect you to be either. My meditation is often filled with thoughts, to-do’s & sometimes anxiety. Still, I sit in silence and welcome it all. It’s also why I always end my meditation with gratitude and prayer. I give thanks for all that I have and for the blessings that are coming my way. As well, I say prayers for those who need it, oftentimes including myself, family, community, clients & those I don’t even know. It simply feels good to take care of me & others this way!

Once I open my eyes, I head to the stove and boil some hot water – I have found drinking hot water 1st thing in the morning is highly beneficial for the immune & digestive systems. I pour my cup, return to my meditation spot (currently it’s my bed since I am on my “adventure tour”) and simultaneously sip my water and write. Morning pages is an epic technique (developed by Julia Cameron) where you literally brain dump a random stream of consciousness. I LOVE doing morning pages as it truly gets me out of my head & into my body.

Once I have emptied my mind, I start to move. I keep it simple – I foam roll, do some cat/cow poses and then I move the way my body wants to move. It is pretty intuitive and I am proud to say that for the 1st time in my life, I have a consistent home Yoga practice. It’s nothing like a group class – but it works for me. And I feel good, ready to rock my day!

I hope that me sharing about my self-care practice inspires you to get committed to a personal practice on the regular. It certainly doesn’t have to be just like mine and I encourage you to do what feels true and good for you. Again, I know life is full & busy but I also know that without a self-care practice, we truly can’t have the biz success that we desire. And yes, consistency is key – so practice self-care not just when you are stressed, but even when life is flowing … take good care of you so that you can be the most successful Yoga entrepreneur, ever!

In support of you,

PS – If you already have a regular practice of self-care, leave a comment on the blog telling us about it. What works for you and when are you stuck? And, if you don’t have one yet, take a few minutes right now to consider what simple practice can you commit to as a daily ritual that will have you feeling better about yourself and on your way to being an even more successful Yoga entrepreneur.


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