Wednesday Walk ~ Ask for a Sign & See What Happens

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’ I explore consciously asking the universe for help. So often I let myself believe that I can figure it all out on my own, but what happens when I step back and actually allow myself to ask for guidance? Only then can I be open to receiving the messages that the universe has to offer, even when they come in unexpected forms. Whether it’s the universe, spirit or God, I deeply believe the world around us is here to support us in our highest good. Check out this week’s ‘Wednesday Walk’ to hear about how I stepped deeper into receiving, listening and accepting all that this amazing universe has to offer.

I would love to hear from you. Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, needing to ask for a sign? What were the messages you received? What lessons did you learn? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

  1. Paula Timpson 7 years ago

    Yes opening up our hearts and always asking God for signs
    They do come~when we ask for help it sure arrives
    Thanks! when i was dating i kept returning to my best friend and suddenly it felt right to stay with him and get married and we’re going on sweet 16 yrs!~ Amen

  2. Shella Eckhouse 7 years ago

    We LOVE you Jods…my daughter just asked if we could watch your “Wed Walk” so cute! We both loved hearing about asking for signs-We will try it out going forward! xoxo

  3. Jenny La brooy 7 years ago

    Hi Jodie, Inspirational as usual. You reminded me of a dream apartment I’d always wanted to live in, that I actually got to live in many years ago. I used to say a little affirmation, telling this place that I wanted to live in it & fill it with love, and get the many years of love that this old mansion (converted into apartments) could give to me, and my dream came true as an apartment came up fro rent & I was able to rent it. I’m sure you will find the right place to live soon. Yours in love and light.

  4. Christine 7 years ago

    Love this….thank u for reminding us that there is magic, knowledge & guidance all around us in spirit….we just have to ask : )

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