Wednesday Walk ~ Your Next Big Thing

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’ I share about how I have been following my heart to keep leading me to what the next big thing is in my business and in my life. Since I started Next Generation Yoga 17 years ago, my heart has led me to open & close 2 yoga studios, to create and lead Teacher Trainings, to write a book, to travel the world, and to move across the country. I’m currently tuning into myself to hear what my next big thing is. It’s so important to keep looking for what we can create next in our lives ~ in our careers, relationships & personal lives … so that we avoid stagnation and we are constantly improving our lives. Check out my ‘Wednesday Walk’ video for inspiration to keep checking in with your heart so you can be led to your next big thing & be ever-growing.

I would love to hear from you. What’s your next big thing!? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,


  1. Marie Paccard 7 years ago

    My dearest Jodi
    My next big thing after being a stay at home mum for 3 years is focusing on my new Tutoring/teaching business. I am starting an English as a second language creative workshop for kids in a private school. The kids are loving it so far and I enjoy looking for new ideas and learning from
    them and myself. The finances will help me look into associations I want to give to and to bring my ill mum to France to have her taken care of in the comfort of a loving home. As much as South Africa was our first choice, we found the medical system not as productive as France and now with my work and Studies being here too, I had to think of what works on the broader spectrum. So here’s what’s for me and us now.

    • jodibk 7 years ago

      awesome! i so support & see this for you and your family ~ thank you for sharing marie!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Annie Macpherson 7 years ago

    Hi Jodi,

    My next big thing is going to hawaii and Australia to work on my next book, The Cosmic Turtle. I’m interviewing sea turtle researchers and incorporating this into the book and creating educational material for children so they can learn about conservation and the environment.

    Part of the trip includes two conferences on arts education worldwide. I’ll also be meeting up with friends from my UNESCO conference to talk about what we can do together for peace. One works in the medical field and the other in human rights for indigenous groups.

    This is a huge leap for me, and taking me way out of my comfort zone. Having to fundraiser and ask for support. I’ve done it for kids for peace and other organizations and now it’s time to do it for me and my projects. It’s very exciting and challenging at the same time. Not knowing how, but trusting and having faith that yes.. thus is right and I need to take the leap.

    Thanks for your inspiring talk this morning. Perfect timing as always!


    • jodibk 7 years ago

      oh yay! amazing annie ~ i am so excited for you!! you got this … its in your heart, you are on purpose & the idea is out of this world! so proud of you!!

      keep in touch please!!


  3. Shella Eckhouse 7 years ago

    Not really sure about what my next big thing is but you have motivated me to think about what it COULD be!
    Love hearing your inspirational Wed. Walk thoughts….xo

    • jodibk 7 years ago

      NICE! glad i got you thinking 🙂
      much LOVE & deep gratitude for you dear friend.

  4. Hector 7 years ago

    Jodi, I didn’t get hired to teach yoga at a studio that I thohugt I wanted to work for. I now understand that the universe had something else in store for me, to grow and inspire others from my own small business of teaching yoga to adults and kids at my school. It consequently would allow me to still teach, but with more flexibility to teach around my schedule with my family, which is so important to me.I didn’t know this at first, and felt like maybe I wasn’t a good teacher, and that’s why I wasn’t hired. Now I know that there was another plan for me. I know that I can put myself out there more, creating my ideas into a reality, and sharing this love and appreciation that I have for yoga. It has allowed me to heal, grow, take risks, and blossom. Thank you for providing this opportunity for me to write down my thohugts and share. I have thohugt about this many times and never affirmed it by sharing it or writing it down.I LOVE the perception idea, this is what the universe provided FOR me instead of TO me!!!Even when I am busy on Wed., I try to stop and listen to your Wed. walks, they make me stop, think, reflect, write down and move on!Love you Jodi, good luck in finding a place! We will miss your presence in San Diego!!Christi

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