Wednesday Walk ~ I Told My Biggest Secret to a Room Full of Women

On today’s ‘Wednesday Walk’ I share about a powerful release I had in a women’s workshop this past weekend. Sitting face to face, up close and personal, I shared my deepest darkest secret with another … you know, the one that weighs heavy on your heart and that you are afraid to tell anyone. I was so nervous to share ~ I’m even a lil nervous right now! But it was a loving & non-judgmental exchange and it felt safe. Afterwards, 60 women regrouped, and I got clear that I actually had a BIGGER deep dark secret that I had been carrying with me for 22 years, which was holding me back in some way. So, I got on the microphone and shared with the entire room ~ and wow was I received with love and compassion. They still loved me and saw me for who I am today. I now feel so much lighter, stronger and free-er! Check out my ‘Wednesday Walk’ video for inspiration on exploring the kind of impact that your deep dark secret has on your life & how sharing it might help shift things for you.

I would love to hear from you. Have you shared your secret with someone else? What has opened up for you as a result? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,


  1. Paula 7 years ago

    Yes~ feels freeing humbling and real
    Humanity appreciates and is a beautiful experience~ yes unconditional
    We realize others love us better if we let go and share
    then they open up too

    • jodibk 7 years ago

      YES!! thank you paula <3

  2. davidji 7 years ago

    you inspire me every day jodi. no one keeps it real like you!!! deep gratitude. peace -d

    • jodibk 7 years ago

      the inspiration is mutual ~ love & thank you dji <3

  3. Puja 7 years ago

    Truth, freedom, liberation, trust. Love it:)

    • jodibk 7 years ago

      rinse & repeat <3

  4. wil 7 years ago


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