Wednesday Wisdom ~ After 4 Years, I am Taking a Break …

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share some big news with you. Ready … here it is … after 4+ years of putting out a weekly video blog, I am taking a break!! I can hardly believe it myself, because I have never missed a week of vlogging, but for some reason I am feeling called to hit the pause button, now.

I admit I feel a lil guilty and a bit sad about stopping my weekly video blogs, but on the flip side, I am also excited! Taking a pause will give me the freedom to look at how I want to share my message with you differently in the future. It will also give me the space to focus on some other areas of my biz and life in a new way. Can you feel me?

As well, choosing to pause on my blogging is giving me the opportunity to really look at the things we do simply out of commitment or obligation and how we feel when we decide to stop.

Check out this week’s video blog about my choice to take a pause on something I have been committed to for so many years.

I would love to hear your wisdom! What are the things that you have done consistently in your life and then taken a break from? How have you dealt with it and how did hitting the pause button make you feel?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

PS ~ With deep humility, I thank you so much for all of your support over these past 4+ years and for being on this journey with me! For now I will just leave it at “I am taking a pause from doing a weekly video blog.” But stay tuned … I will be back!

  1. Heather 5 years ago

    Congratulations Jodi for honoring your path! You are an inspiration, and I can’t wait to see where your heart leads you next. – Heather

  2. Charlotte Connick Mabry 5 years ago

    You give SO MUCH to all of us n have grown NGY to a super star! I’m happy for you to take time to give so much back to yourself now! Rest n restore n celebrate YOU! Peace!

  3. Jensen 5 years ago

    I will miss you! It’s surprising how many things we do out out habit and have stopped asking why.
    It’s good to take a step back and reassess. But I will miss seeing your face and feeling connected to you and your life 🙂

  4. Kim 5 years ago

    I love the way that you continue to grow, create and innovate and applaud you for not getting stuck, Jodi. I look forward to future ways to stay connected to you.

  5. Karen 5 years ago

    Its inspiring as always Jodi – I love your honesty and authenticity! I just stopped an after school class that I have had for 4 years as well – showing up every week. The class thrived for almost 3 years and has changed….so I finally made the decision to let it go and it has felt so good. I feel excited and new things are coming already – so grateful for what I have had – but enjoying the change! X Enjoy beautiful Jodi X

  6. Gretchen 5 years ago

    Jodi, Thank you for sharing so much with so many! You set a great example of what Is Possible when you follow your heart & your dreams! It’s important to periodically re-assess & not fall into ruts or routines just because; taking time for self care & to rejuvenate! I’ll miss your smiling face, & positive notes, but hopefully will see you soon! Look me up if you come down to S. Ca. Carlsbad, & we’ll have a girls day;) ????

  7. John Shearer 5 years ago

    Hey Jodi: What a ride it has been to be a fly on your wall and enjoy your inquiry into life and how to live and love it. Thank you for your profound gift of yourself, your love of others, and it is a real privilege to share the planet with you and your fellow bloggers.
    Peace, beauty, and love to you always and til the next time,

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