Wednesday Wisdom ~ Commit to What Really Matters

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Aloha! I am SO excited to share my first video blog of 2015 with you! I couldn’t resist filming it on the beautiful island of Kauai as I wrapped up the last few days of my sabbatical. I think you’ll enjoy my newly named blog: ‘Wednesday Wisdom.’ On today’s video, I share with you a bit about my journey the past 6-weeks as I reflect upon all the lessons I’ve learned. For me, while taking a break from my life and business was totally what I needed, it wasn’t an easy task. Surprisingly, I experienced a lot of resistance in letting go! But I had strongly set an intention for radical self-care and I knew that no matter what obstacles came up, I needed to stay committed to that.

Check out this week’s video blog as I share about my sabbatical and what to do when we have resistance to the goals and intentions we set out for ourselves.

I would love to hear from you. What wisdom can you share about staying true to your goals? I’d also love to know … what are you fully committing to this year? Please leave a comment on the blog as we can all learn from you!

All love,


  1. Melanie Ferguson 6 years ago

    This year I will ake things one step at a time and be right here, right now

  2. Charlotte Connick Mabry 6 years ago

    Happy New Year Jodi! Resistance / Obstacles are always present; for me this new year I am deepening my meditation practice. My mantra is “I am aware and balanced created in One Light of Love” . Since the new year I have to admit that I have inner resistance to GET UP AND OUT OF BED…..in the morning, I hit the alarm off/snooze again and again….then I have been rushing and getting meditation time in but sporadically. So I thank you for discussing resistance, because my in coming from within….I am aware of that and now trying NOT TO BEAT MYSELF UP, because I don’t get up exactly when my alarm goes off….when I have a few moments in the day, at a red light, in line at grocery, I repeat my mantra silently to myself, “I am aware and balanced created in One Light of Love”. Today , I practice and believe my mantra, one day at a time. Thank you Jodi for your radical self care, your continued honesty of how you live your life. You give so much to so many. You forever inspire!! Safe travels home, Love and Namaste, Charlotte Connick Mabry, New Orleans, LA

  3. Teri Casamassine 6 years ago

    I am fully committing towards expansion by stepping over my fear & digging deep into finding out what I want out of the next part of my life; finding the courage to express my best self and encouraging others to do the same. Last year I resolved to say “YES!” to every opportunity that arose & I did succeed, but this year, I have to create those bigger opportunities for myself by dreaming BIG!

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