Wednesday Wisdom ~ It’s OK to Cry!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share about the idea of it being OK to cry. Most of us were raised, whether consciously or unconsciously, that we should be strong and that crying shows weakness. Additionally, our society has these stereotypes that only girls can cry and boys or men should not! Last week, I had the most wonderful release through crying. It’s amazing how our body intuitively knows how to let go of heavy emotions through tears. When we allow ourselves to cry, there’s so much room, space and possibility.

Check out this week’s video blog to learn why crying, contrary to society norms, is actually okay and healthy for us.

I would love to hear your wisdom! What shows up for you when you have an emotional release and cry? What spaciousness does it create?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

  1. Karen 6 years ago

    I had a fantastic cry on the weekend too. The night before a situation presented itself unexpectedly for me to vocalise some feelings I had – which I had decided not to verbalize. The next day I felt so proud that I had honoured myself and spoken out that I found myself totally spontaneously starting to cry that morning. Yes the space came as I had let those feelings out and with that a great sense of relief. The bonus was that it felt as if my close friendship with the person I shared my feelings with had gone to another level of honesty. X

  2. J-me 6 years ago

    I have been so stressed out lately that your Wednesday Wisdom makes me want to have a good cry!! I think I actually may feel good after. Perhaps I should plan it so it doesn’t come out in a rage… Should I warn my boyfriend?!?
    Love you Jodi! ????

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