Wednesday Wisdom ~ People Really Want to Help

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share a short and simple message that people really do want to help. Recently, I needed to move some furniture and was kinda hesitant to ask for help because I just didn’t want to put anyone out. But I went for it and reached out to some “men with muscles” and was so relieved by the quick and positive responses I got. They were an immediate “yes, whatever you need.” How cool is that?!

This just reminded me that people really do want to help each other. We may feel guilty about asking, and try to do everything ourselves so we don’t bother anyone, but I think that we are actually doing a disservice to others by not asking for help. People really do want to be there for us. When we ask, not only do we get the help we need, but we help others feel good as well!

Check out this week’s video blog about reminding ourselves that people really do want to help!

I would love to hear your wisdom! Do you graciously go out there and ask for the help you need? What has been the response? Or do you feel guilty and hesitate to ask because you think you are putting others out?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

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