Wednesday Wisdom ~ Tending the Tender Heart

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share how I am tending to my tender heart. Yep, fresh off a good morning cry, I may not feel or look my vibrant self today, but with a strong commitment to the truth and being authentic with you, what’s real for me is that I am experiencing a break-up heartache. And so instead of making up some other random vid, I want to share with you how I am dealing with the feelings and powerfully tending to my tender heart.

First, lots and lots of crying which feels really good because I am releasing deep stored emotions. I’ve also been surrounded by friends who have been witnessing my process and also spending time alone, in silence. Walks in nature, healing baths, dancing, music and massage are working for me too, right now. And for what’s really carrying me through this deep healing is feeling all the feelings that are arising. Not numbing, rushing or pushing them away but rather allowing time to have time. Through all this conscious healing, I trust I will know my truth and thyself, even more.

Check out this week’s video blog about the wisdom of tending the tender heart.

I would love to hear your wisdom! How do you move through heartache? What special ways do you support your healing process?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

PS ~ Wishing you so much sweetness in the new year! Thank you for your love and support. For being in my life and for loving each other!

  1. Anja 5 years ago

    I love you, your truth, your authenticity, and I love your tender heart 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, I think so many of us lately have been going through some type of heartache, ugh! I’d love to share as well because this method has worked wonders for me, as heartache has definitely been a theme in my life! The best way I care for heartache (or in dealing with any issue) is to literally go into my heart, and I look out my heart windows, sit on my heart furniture, and literally feel the feelings and the consciousness of what my heart is feeling. I then ask my heart to show me how it’s serving me to have this grief, guilt, sadness, pain, etc. and often times, I find that there is something that is tying me to that heartache. For instance, I used to associate love with grief – they were one and the same. So if I had to have grief in order to have love, then that’s what I accepted…grief WAS love, and love WAS grief so it was serving me to keep grief in my life but I broke those ties when I realized how the grief was serving me.

    Thank you for your openness, vulnerability, and strength – you are a love warrior and a blessing. Sending so much love your way <3 <3 <3

  2. Sharon 5 years ago

    I felt closer to Life, Nature, to God, to the God in me, the God I am when I was in love. It hurts mightily to have that closeness taken away. To feel a connection with all that’s possible beyond my individual efforts and gifts, oh I love that momentum! I can feel it still as I write you. The man who put new fire in my belly and lit up my soul is no longer my lover and no longer inspires me to new heights. But it took over a year for my heart to release the ache. The ache felt like weed killer on my bursting forth heart and life! But the relationship was not sustainable. My heart felt the joy of growth, my soul was dying. I know my soul placed me in the relationship and it also pulled me out. I am still a bit pissed off at that part. But if I had to choose between taking the adventure or not, I’m so so incredibly grateful I did!! Yes!
    Placing my hand on your aching heart Jodi. Hmmmm… Just filled you up with fresh love. With you on the path sister.

  3. Rachel Glowacki 5 years ago

    Sweet Autentic one–you are loved and inspirational.
    Big hugs xo

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