Wednesday Wisdom ~ That lil Voice Inside of You

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share about the importance of recognizing that lil voice inside of you and making friends with it. I just got back from DC where I attended and spoke at the National Kids Yoga Conference ~ it was AMAZING! You may have heard that I won the Kids Yoga Service Award which was truly an honor and is now forever embedded in my heart.

The award was given on Friday night, and I was so grateful but by Sunday night, after the conference, that lil voice inside my head had started chattering away. You know which one … the voice that isn’t always so nice. Mine was saying; you didn’t do enough, you didn’t say enough, you didn’t engage enough and so on. All that noise from that voice inside me was speaking so mean to me and I just wanted to tell it to “go fu*k off!” Or at least be nicer to me!

Seriously, what I really want to share is that even when we have these great successes in life, that pesky lil voice inside our head can make its appearance. How is it that we strive to be so nice to others and we allow that inner voice to speak so critically to us? So, my new thing is to tell that nasty lil voice to “go fu*k off” and be nice to me!

Check out this week’s video blog and focus on making friends with your inner voice!

I would love to hear your wisdom! When you hear that critical lil voice inside your head, what do you do to make it stop? How do you recognize that it’s there and that you must make nice with it?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you

All love,

PS ~ An extra special THANK YOU for your support in my winning the Kids Yoga Service Award and for joining me on this journey!

  1. Amy Hough 5 years ago

    Love this so much, Jodi! We all have that voice! I do feel it serves a purpose in making us stronger, better, kinder people but agree it can really mess with our head and create doubt. I do try to acknowledge what is being said and not let it bring me down…but rather, challenge it and reflect on all of the positives instead. Sometimes easier said than done for sure! Thanks, as always, for sharing your wisdom. Namaste.

    • Author
      Jodi Komitor 5 years ago

      thank YOU amy for sharing your wisdom … together we are one!

  2. Jennifer 5 years ago

    Before I go to bed, I reflect on the day and pick a go-to moment, something that warmed my heart and made me smile that day. If I experience negativity or self-doubt, I pause and recall my go to moment from the previous day. Always brings me peace. I am reminded of the temporary nature of feelings, and the importance of faith in myself and the universe. I know it’s important to sit with the uncomfortable things and to stay present, but sometimes I need a little “blast from the past” to boost my confidence!

    • Author
      Jodi Komitor 5 years ago

      thanks for sharing your wisdom jennifer!!

  3. Charlotte Connick Mabry 5 years ago

    Big congrats Jodi!! Winning such an award n always teaching us all! I’m glad your Being You! Great message on Wednesday wisdom I can always make the choice to talk nice to me! Thank you sending NOLA Love, charlotte

    • Author
      Jodi Komitor 5 years ago

      thank you beautiful one!! loving you so very much, always!

  4. Shella Eckhouse 5 years ago

    So true….
    Nice to know we all feel like that too! I think reminding ourselves of our true spirit and oneness with a higher power always reassures me and helps boost my confidence xo!

    • Author
      Jodi Komitor 5 years ago

      aint that the truth! love you shella!

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