Wednesday Wisdom ~ The Art of Uni-Tasking

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today I share a lil ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share about the art of uni-tasking. “What’s uni-tasking?” you ask … let me say more. Before I went to Hawaii on my sabbatical, I was a multi-tasking master. I could do many things at one time and get them done. But I made mistakes, felt over-whelmed, was not present and my nervous system was wiry. While I was SO proud and what I thought, super efficient, I was simply: not. Studies show that when we multi-task we are not efficient nor is it even healthy for us. In fact we are not nearly as productive as we think we are when we are multi-tasking. And so, I began to study the art of uni-tasking … of slowing down and only doing one thing at a time. Won’t you join me?

Check out this week’s video blog as I share 3 specific tips that I have found are essential to becoming a master uni-tasker!

I would love to hear your wisdom … what are some things you do in order to be single focused? Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,


  1. Rachel Glowacki 6 years ago

    So good Jodi and so hard to do. One thing I started, was making sure I am off my phone when my kids get into the car at after school pick up, to look them in the eyes and be engaged in conversation the whole way home. It is so easy to slip into taking one more phone call in carpool line and picking up the phone while they are chatting with each other in back, but I have found such peace in being fully present. And now if anyone is on the phone with me in carpool and my are kids are about to get into car, they will be hung up on. Sorry, got to go, bye. Thanks for the reminder about “texting” other people while being a on the phone with someone(eek). We all do it and we all can be conscious not to, as well. Love your light and Wednesday Wisdom Tips.

  2. Lisa H. 6 years ago

    Thank you for the reminders, Jodi! Uni- tasking is such a sweet way to slow life’s pace down and savor each moment ?????????

  3. Lisa H. 6 years ago

    Do not know where those question marks came from …

  4. Lisa N. 6 years ago

    WOW-Spot on with the UNI tasking. Love this. Had my first attempt at this yesterday when I was asked to stand in for another parent in Carpool to the pool. Rather than bring my phone in while waiting for them to be finished…I left my phone in the car and really submerged in the witnessing awareness of children.. so many wonderful life lessons to learn just watching children interact with each other. It was truly a gift to me. Thank you for this!

  5. Shella Eckhouse 6 years ago

    SO Blessed to be on this wed. wisdom! Such great life lessons & helpful hints.

  6. Betsy 6 years ago

    So nice to hear from you again JoJo. Yes, this is a challenge for sure. I too aim to uni-task especially when it comes to time with my son. Our time with him as a kid is SO limited, I want to truly be present for him AND for me. The rest of the time, well – not so much 🙂 Thanks for the wisdom. Miss you!

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