Wednesday Wisdom ~ Try Something New!

On today’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ I share the importance of trying something new in your life. I just got back from my first ever session of Pilates! I have never done Pilates before but I was inspired by my Dad who has been practicing Pilates for a while now and has totally changed his body. My body has been the same for years because I do the same things; Yoga, dancing, hiking, and I really wanted a change. But more importantly, I want to try something new.

Pilates is not only changing my body but it is challenging my brain as well. It feels good to be thinking and moving in a different way. I really enjoyed doing Pilates but the most important thing for me was trying something new. We all need to change it up once and a while! Could be little things like taking a different route to the store or breaking a habit you have had for years. Just get out of your comfort zone and challenge your brain and your body to new adventures.

Check out this week’s video blog about getting out there and trying something new!

I would love to hear your wisdom! What new things are you trying and how does it feel for you? When you try new things how does it challenge your brain and your body?

Please leave a comment on the blog so we can all learn from you!

All love,

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  1. Lois 5 years ago

    Thanks Jodi for this blog! I am all about trying new things! I wasn’t always this way. I use to let fear get in the way of stepping out of my comfort zone. But once I realized that life is supposed to be full of wonder and new found ways of doing things I opened myself up to so many wonderful new things and opportunities! It is definitely worth the risk to try something new! Who knows it may just be what you’ve always needed? : )

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