Why Yoga in Schools is Like a Kale Smoothie
by EVOLvED Trainer, Amy Nucera

My older daughter (now ten) has never been super into yoga. She went to mommy and me classes with me when she was little, and later on some solo classes, but she could take it or leave it, and eventually did leave it. I ask her to join me now and again, but more often than not, she’ll politely decline. And that’s totally fine.

My younger daughter (now three) is, shall we say, very exuberant about yoga. She grabs our mats, rolls them out, and screams, “Do yoga with me, mommy!” or “Make a tunnel for me, mommy!” (which is really just me in Downward Dog while she giggles and she crawls underneath me repeatedly). She shakes, and shimmies, and jumps, and spins, and dances, and sprinkles some yoga in there too sometimes. And that’s totally fine

I find the striking difference in how they embrace yoga to be a perfect example of what to expect when teaching yoga and mindfulness in schools.

Classroom students didn’t choose to join a yoga class, and it might not be something they like or would do voluntarily on their own. As such, the level of enthusiasm and participation can vary as much as my two daughters – maybe even more. Once I was in a third-grade classroom and was hit with audible groans and eye rolls when I told them I was there to do yoga. It happens. And that’s totally fine.

Your students (or children) may never love yoga as much as you do. They might not even like it. And that’s totally fine.

You don’t have to force it or hit them over the head with it. You can easily weave breathing, poses and movements, and mindful games and activities throughout the day without calling attention to it. I like to compare it to sneaking a handful of kale into my kids’ fruit smoothies – they may not know it’s there, but they’re still getting the power-packed benefit

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Written by: Amy Nucera
Next Generation Yoga Teacher for ages 2-13
EVOLvED Heart-Centered, Mindful Education Trainer

Amy began her career in early childhood education, specializing in imaginative play and creative movement. Years later she joined team NGY was able to combine her loves of yoga and education by teaching and contributing to the EVOLvED curriculum development. She is thrilled to be able to share techniques and tools with children and educators that help cultivate a positive & healthy school environment, manage stress and reduce anxiety for students and teachers, and promote empathy & tolerance towards others. Learn more about Amy here.


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