Yoga is for Everybody! by NGY Teacher Nicolle Sanchez Borne

Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings are without a doubt all linked. Through Next Generation Yoga, we educate the heart and exercise the body while learning we can have fun without competing. That’s one of the philosophies of NGY I fell in love with while going through my first NGY Teacher Training. I also love that we can include children with disabilities and accommodate them to address their individual needs.

All of my students learn soon after starting class that it is okay not to be “perfect.” One of my favorite quotes is: “We are all perfectly imperfect.” Not comparing oneself to others, thinking before speaking, and relating to people in a kind and mindful manner is an art form. Teaching our youth mindfulness is very important to me. The skills we learn in our class serve us in everyday life.

Children deal with daily distractions and often overstimulation. Yoga can help them manage stress, develop body awareness, build concentration, increase self-esteem, and build confidence. Education requires more than thinking. To improve learning, we must address the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of our children. Through Next Generation Yoga classes, I feel I am able to do just that.

I spoke with Layle Babin, a mother of a student I teach, about her daughter Hayes’ experience in my class. She said this to me and had me in tears. “It’s not always easy for Hayes to feel she fits in since she was born with Down Syndrome. We have tried many activities to get Hayes involved in after school activities like gymnastics and dancing. She needs physical activity. Yoga has been her favorite. She calls it “my Yoga.” She can’t wait to go each week. She shows us poses at home. She has made many friends at her Yoga class who love and encourage her to do the best she can without judgement. Yoga is helping Hayes physically, mentally and socially. It also helps she has Ms. Nicolle, who is such a loving teacher.”

My students do not know the depth of gratitude I feel from each hug, smile, picture, letter, mindful rock, and other gifts from the heart I have received. Every gift is special to me and is kept and cherished. The simple moments of life, experienced with awareness and gentleness, help grow mindful caring people. I feel very blessed by the opportunity to combine two things I love so much: Yoga and teaching children. Becoming certified through Next Generation Yoga has given me a clearer, more organized vision to make weekly lessons more meaningful. I will forever be grateful to Jodi, Nicole and Michelle for their guidance and support.

Nicolle Borne Sanchez
NGY Teacher for 2-13 yr. olds
Thibodaux, LA
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Nicolle Borne Sanchez was born and raised in El Salvador with an American mother and a Salvadorian father. After high school, she moved to Louisiana to study elementary education at Nicholls State University. She has been teaching children for 24 years. She was blessed to add her other passion, Yoga​, to her work with children. Nicolle also teaches Body Flow, a combination of Tai-Chi, Pilates and Yoga. She is married and has two awesome boys, Collin and Brennan. She opened her Yoga studio, “Yoga on the Bayou,” in June 2016. She looks forward to fulfilling more dreams in the future!


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