Strengthening. Supportive. Social.

This is NGY's Yoga + Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens Teacher Training

Using time-honored yoga practices, modern mindfulness techniques, and age-appropriate connection strategies, teacher trainees learn to facilitate creative and educational experiences through a unique methodology that aligns with the developmental needs of teens and tweens. No prior yoga experience is necessary; we will teach you what you need to know!

Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training for Tweens & Teens offers a variety of tools and strategies to empower you to create meaningful yoga and mindfulness experiences for adolescents. Experienced trainers share their own passion for this work as they facilitate a fun and inspiring training curriculum. Trainees are given opportunities to interact and observe, to learn about what works for others, and to develop original strategies to bring benefits of yoga and mindfulness to teens and tweens.

As a NGY trainee, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive yoga and mindfulness manual with resources for class success and business development. 
  • An understanding of the benefits of yoga + mindfulness for tweens & teens and an explanation of the developmental needs and typical behavior of ages 10-18.
  • Instruction on how to plan, sequence, and execute meaningful yoga classes and how to include fun extras like art activities, music, props, games and partner work, journaling, breath work, and relaxation techniques.
  • Tips on how to include learning points into your teachings in order to support educational experiences and promote social-emotional development.
  • Classroom management techniques when a child doesn’t want to participate, how to change the energy level of a high energy or low energy class, and how to keep everyone safe in class.
  • A chance to watch an experienced NGY teacher in action! Every training has observation classes led by the NGY trainer so students get to see real participants in a real yoga class … the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

Upon finishing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and have the opportunity to become a licensed Next Generation Yoga® Teacher and reap the benefits of our unique NGY Teacher Community!*

The NGY Teacher Training for Tweens & Teens is for you if…

  • You are an adult who loves teens/tweens and yoga.
  • You are an adult who loves teens/tweens and is curious about yoga. (No yoga experience is required).
  • You are a parent/grandparent/guardian/caregiver looking for ways to bond with your teens/tweens.
  • Your work in education as a teacher (upper elementary, middle or high school), support specialist, before/after school care provider, counselor, therapist, administrator, or homeschooler.
  • Your work in education as a teacher (upper elementary, middle or high school), support specialist, before/after school care provider, counselor, therapist, administrator, or homeschooler.
  • You work as an adolescent physical, occupational, speech, or mental health therapist, nurse or doctor, and would like to bring some variety and new techniques to your therapeutic offerings.
  • You are a librarian looking to provide unique teen programming and outreach efforts.
  • You are a yoga teacher who would like to diversify your teaching and business potential.
  • You offer other kinds of educational activities for teens/tweens such as dance, martial arts, gymnastics, art, drama, camp, or sports. Yoga will have something to enhance your offerings!
  • You are a volunteer with a community or religious setting who wants to have more tools in the toolbox to keep teens/tweens focused and enthusiastic.

Your Investment…

  • $595** covers your tuition, registration, and materials fees.
  • Discounts may be available during early bird specials and for education professionals, students, and active military/veterans.

Continuing Ed and Reboot your Teaching…

  • The NGY Yoga + Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens Training can be used as continuing ed (CE) hours for Yoga Alliance.
  • Those who have completed this course in the past are eligible to retake this course for just $99 in order to jumpstart their creativity and curiosity. Contact us for more info!

RCYS Curriculum…

The Yoga + Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens is part of the 95-hour NGY RCYS (Registered Childrens Yoga School) curriculum. In addition to this course, those wishing to pursue RCYT designation must complete Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Basics Training, Yoga + Mindfulness for Disabilities and Differences Training, Advanced Kids Yoga + Mindfulness Training to total 95 hours of training with NGY RCYS. For more info, visit HERE.

* In order to complete the training, you must attend in its entirety. This course is also one of the required foundation classes for the NGY 95-hour RCYS certification program.

** Additional fees may apply for those choosing a payment plan.

What NGY Grads are Saying…

If you would like to connect with a graduate of the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training to find out about their certification experience and the NGY Teacher Community, visit the Find a Teacher directory.


I gained the tools and knowledge to serve my children’s community as well as made connections to last a lifetime. If you’re thinking about becoming a kids yoga teacher, I’d highly recommend Next Generation Yoga.”

~Mira Buster